Waystone Advisors was founded on the idea that anyone who wants sound financial advice should have access to it. We believe that planning for your future is important and should be intentional. 

The individuals that make up the Waystone Advisors team are all passionate about leaving a positive impact on the world. Your team is creative, innovative, and always prioritizes what matters most. We’re family oriented and strive to empower others to make the right financial decisions for their families, both now and in the future.


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Austin Dean

Founder & CEO

Pete Mathias

Lead Service Advisor
Daniel headshot

Daniel DeWhitt

Financial Advisor

Support Staff


Savana Reynolds

Chief Operations and Compliance Officer

Taylor Parton

Co-Chief Operations Officer
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Alexia Wilson

Client Advocate

Gretchen Grisham

Investment Manager
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Debbie Hensley

Insurance Manager
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Beth Zollars

Operational Assistant

Our Name

Historically, a waystone is known for being a grounded marker on the road that communicates both direction and safety. Coming across a waystone on your journey means that you are on the right path and have clarity on which direction to go next.

We view a waystone as a pillar of direction and see it as a metaphor to guide our clients along the path to potentially obtaining financial independence. With our wide network of carefully cultivated professionals and resources, you have access to an unparalleled combination of both traditional and cutting-edge financial planning. Our intent is to be accessible to anyone who needs financial advice but sophisticated enough to handle the most complex challenges.

Wealth Design is a combination of money, resources, and relationships. We provide you with the tools and framework to help align strategic wealth building strategies with your most important goals.