Taylor Parton

Taylor graduated from Central Washington University with her Bachelors in both Sociology and Psychology. She is passionate about making social change, while in school she was recognized and won awards for her research on the school-to-prison pipeline under the guidance of her mentor. In addition to helping a nonprofit win an innovation challenge focused on preventing and reducing burnout in direct service providers through mindfulness. Since graduating, she has continued this passion by supporting the development of programs and projects that create solutions for individuals, teams, and communities as a whole.

As a Client Advocate, Taylor supports our clients throughout their onboarding journey and the day-to-day needs of our advisors. You can find her updating and designing our marketing materials, coordinating schedules, check-ins, and follow-ups with our clients, and bringing that extra special touch of service that our team aims to provide!

Taylor has always had a passion for art and spends as much time as she can creating beautiful new things! When she’s not busy bringing art to life, you can find her on her paddleboard, spending time with her super cute cat, Chubi, or out exploring the city with friends. She is also a thriving plant enthusiast, growing 46 happy healthy plants after starting her plant collection about a year ago. Luckily, Chubi is only ever interested in catnip, so all parties are safe!